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My name is David Johnston and I’m a Paddle Canada sea kayak instructor living in Peterborough, Ontario.

I’ve been teaching people how to sea kayak for 24 years and just love it. I generally teach more intermediate/advanced courses but my real passion is teaching instructor courses so teaching others how to teach and work with adults.

2024 Teaching Calendar

  • Paddle Canada Level-3 Skills – Skils in Tofino – May 24-28
  • Paddle Canada Level-2 Instructor – Skils in Tofino – May 29-June 2
  • Guided Trip – Pukaskwa Coast of Lake Superior – Ontario Sea Kayak Centre – July 18-27
  • Paddlepalooza – Ontario Sea Kayak Centre – Killbear Provincial Park – September 13-15
  • Paddle Canada Level-4 Skills – Victoria – Best Coast Outfitters – October 5-10

Certification Stuff

  • Paddle Canada Level-3 Instructor Trainer
  • Leadership Camping Instructor Trainer
  • Kayak Rolling Instructor Trainer
  • Level-4 Sea Kayak Instructor
  • Level-4 Sea Kayak Skills
  • Wilderness First Responder

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[email protected]